• Natural salts

    It is found today in abundance in nature, either in the state of rock, rock salt, or diluted in sea water. Halite (from the Greek hals, “salt”, and lithos, “stone” ) designates rock salt. Halite deposits come from the evaporation of salty seas or lakes.

  • Curry & spice blends
  • Herbs & aromatic plants

    Aromatic plants are a set of plants used in cooking and herbal medicine for the aromas they give off, and their essential oils that can be extracted. These aromatic plants are grown as needed for their leaves, stems, bulbs, roots, seeds, flowers, bark, etc.

  • Seeds

    Seeds, with their different shapes and flavors, bring a little fantasy to the plate. But not only that: some also have many health benefits.

  • Spices and aromatics
  • Peppers

    Pepper is a spice obtained from the berries of different species of pepper plants, plants of the Piperaceae family.

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