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Green Ethiline is a brand belonging to TropicArt'Traction Sàrl, based in 1264 St-Cergue. Our products are certified organic and come from fair and sustainable trade.

We work directly with farmers and producers in different countries (Srilanka & Nepal). We do not go through purchasing centers and do not work with multinationals.

We respect small producers and support them by offering them ethical and supportive prices. Our goal is to enable them to develop their activity, but also to support them in order to improve their condition, as well as those of those around them. By doing so, we also help them to become aware of the importance of the eco-systems that surround them and in which they grow their products.

We demand optimal product quality, as well as strict production and packaging practices both in terms of hygiene standards and on a purely ethical level.

Choosing our brand means opting for the guarantee of an optimal quality product.

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