About us

Our enterprise

We favor quality over quantity and we make it a point of honor to maintain an ethical vision

We work with partners based in partner countries. We do not work with supply companies, but directly with local farmers. We promote fair trade, organic products and respect for nature and wildlife.

our team

Friendship above all

We have been working from the start with the same people in the different partner countries and these people support us in finding the best products and producers. We let them handle on-site relationships, as well as order and transport management. Our goal is to support local commerce on site. It's all about the relationship of trust between us.

Our products

The rarity of flavors is the key
We are looking for the best quality, both in terms of flavors, origins and the way in which the foodstuffs are produced. We try to negotiate our products at prices above market prices in order to support local production and, by fully managing the designs, packaging, transport and related formalities, we are able to reduce the costs of ancillary costs and can therefore offer our products at attractive prices to end customers in Switzerland.