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KHLA - L'Épicerie du Mékong, is an online organic delicatessen dedicated to Asia. It is a Franco-Cambodian family business based in Kampot and specialized in high-end spices: Kampot pepper, organic spices from Asia, Sichuan pepper, peppers from around the world, etc.
Our sensory and fair quest for the finest Asian spices from organic farming extends beyond the countries of the Mekong which remains our source of inspiration.
Khla, "The tiger" in Khmer.

A carnal relationship with Nature for unique organic spices
Our close relationship with each of our producers gives a unique character to our organic spices from Asia: nutmeg, cloves, star anise, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, etc.

The alliance of the patient and rigorous work of the farmers, of the generous nature of the climate, of French know-how, gives birth to our exceptional products.

All together we apply our philosophy:

Like Yin and Yang, KAMPOT provides us with the best peppers and salts in the world.

The KHLA team works every day in the heart of the luxuriant nature of Cambodia, to make you discover its exotic flavors and thus flavor your dishes with the best organic peppers and spices from Asia.

We sort and pack Kampot peppers and salts.

We create and produce our unique organic spice blends.

We calibrate our whole organic spices.

In the KHLA workshop and under the control of ECOCERT.

Our Quality Guarantees
Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
Our flagship product, Kampot pepper, is often cited as "the best pepper in the world". An extremely rare distinction for a spice, this pepper benefits from an IGP which guarantees its origin, its quality and its EcoCert-certified organic production.
Examples of products: Black pepper from Kampot IGP, Red pepper from Kampot IGP, White pepper from Kampot IGP

Organic Asian agriculture and spices
AB certification guarantees production that respects nature, without fertilizers or pesticides. Strict specifications apply to our organic spices from Asia, which are beneficial for the environment and the consumer. Our ecocert certificate.
Product examples: Organic Nutmeg, Organic Yellow Curry, Organic Marco Polo Spice Blend

Fair trade organic spices from Asia
We guarantee the strict application of ethical criteria for fair production. Producers see their standard of living improve and we maintain this dynamic in a sustainable way. Consult our Fair and Responsible Trade charter.
Product examples: Red Sichuan pepper, Asian salt and spice mix, Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder

Provenance and vintage guaranteed
Our ranges of peppers and spices are fine, delicate and rare products that we treat as such. We guarantee the best harvesting and processing conditions at every stage.
Examples of products: Kampot IGP white pepper, organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks, Asian scents spice blend

Natural product
Some products are harvested as Nature offers them, therefore Organic Agriculture certification is not applicable. These treasures of nature, we distinguish them by specific signage.
Examples of products: Flower of salt from Kampot, Himalayan pink salt in crystals, Flower of red salt from Kampot

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