• Green EthiLine Switzerland

    Green EthiLine Switzerland

    Green Ethiline is a brand belonging to TropicArt'Traction Sàrl, based in 1264 St-Cergue. Our products are certified organic and come from fair and sustainable trade.

  • KHLA L'Épicerie du Mékong

    KHLA L'Épicerie du Mékong

    KHLA - L'Épicerie du Mékong, is an online organic delicatessen dedicated to Asia. It is a Franco-Cambodian family business based in Kampot and specialized in high-end spices: Kampot pepper, organic spices from Asia, Sichuan pepper, peppers from around the world, etc.
    Our sensory and fair quest for the finest Asian spices from organic farming extends beyond the countries of the Mekong which remains our source of inspiration.
    Khla, "The tiger" in Khmer.

    A carnal relationship with Nature for unique organic spices
    Our close relationship with each of our producers gives a unique character to our organic spices from Asia: nutmeg, cloves, star anise, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, etc.

    The alliance of the patient and rigorous work of the farmers, of the generous nature of the climate, of French know-how, gives birth to our exceptional products.