Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm
  • Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm
  • Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm
  • Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm
  • Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm

Red Kampot peppercorns - PGI 100g - Palm

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Harvested when ripe, Kampot KHLA red pepper is packaged in grains and vacuum-packed to be freshly ground in a pepper mill or crushed in a mortar and thus release all its flavor on white meats, barbecues, fish but also in desserts that it develops all its flavors and sublimates your compotes, jams, quince pastes, strawberry soups, sorbets, fruit pies, etc...


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Our exclusive producer has been carefully selected by Khla for the rigor of its specifications. The exploitation as well as its drying-sorting workshop are in Kampot itself, cradle of the eponymous pepper, in the south of Cambodia.

The Piper-nigrum is a liana with oval leaves 4 to 5 meters high which flourishes on the heights of the small mountains (phnom) in the Province of Kampot, swept by the sea winds of the nearby Gulf of Siam. The fruit of this tree is harvested in bunches at different degrees of ripeness. The red pepper was harvested when ripe, then dried and oxidized naturally and finally sorted by hand. Kampot pepper is considered by connoisseurs to be the best pepper in the world, due to its exceptional operating and harvesting conditions.

Kampot red pepper is recognized in Cambodia for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes digestion and freshens the breath, the Khmers have a habit of biting grains at any time of the day, like a candy!

The information contained on this site is never intended to be medical/prescriptive, as it is provided for informational purposes only, and therefore cannot be a substitute for medical advice.


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