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Ground cumin 100g
  • Ground cumin 100g
  • Ground cumin 100g

Ground cumin 100g

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Use cumin to flavor all your vegetables and vegetable dishes.

It will add flavor to salad dressings and other vinaigrettes.

Season your meats, fish and seafood with it.

You can use it to enhance your egg dishes.

Often used in Middle Eastern cuisine, cumin is used very well in sweet and sour dishes, candied and caramelized dishes, particularly with honey, but also with savory dishes with dried fruits such as dates and apricots. dry, or in a chutney.

It goes wonderfully with raclette and cheeses in general.

In Germany, it is used in many cold meats, especially sausages, as well as in sauerkraut.

You can also use it to flavor your teas and infusions!


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Cumin is one of the most effective spices for relieving digestive problems. It has digestive properties, effective against flatulence, intestinal infections, colic, bloating, abdominal pain, intestinal spasms and stomach aches. When taken regularly, it helps cleanse the entire digestive system.

Cumin has excellent diuretic properties. It causes an increase in urinary secretion and therefore helps fight against ailments as variable as high blood pressure, heart failure, portal hypertension or hyperkalemia. It also helps bring down fever.

An uncommon use: it can be used to stimulate the flow of milk in breastfeeding women. Indeed, like fennel seeds, it has galactogenic properties which can help young breastfeeding mothers.

It would help relieve painful periods.

The nutritional composition of cumin is very interesting, it is a seed rich in iron, magnesium and phosphorus, but it is particularly remarkable in its antioxidant content, especially beta-carotenes, but also vitamin C, A, and polyphenols. Its antioxidant properties make it a food that helps fight against the action of free radicals and therefore against premature aging of the body's cells.

The information contained on this site is never intended to be medical/prescriptive, as it is provided for informational purposes only, and therefore cannot be a substitute for medical advice.

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