Our company started its activity since June 2017.

Laurent Geinoz, the founder of our company, left his previous job as IT Project Manager to devote himself to something he considered more ethical. After spending twenty years in multinational companies, he felt it was time to dedicate himself to a personal project that would bring more happiness than new technologies.

After traveling extensively around the world for work, he decided to put the acquired knowledge into practice and combine business with pleasure. Bring unique flavors, full of freshness and highlighting specific know-how. Gather people around what everyone likes, namely greediness!

In order to make all this possible, it was first necessary to find friends in each partner country. These people were trained according to Laurent's qualitative and ethical requirements, as well as the drastic Swiss quality standards.

The vision of this project is to highlight the friendship that binds each stakeholder in each region, the unique quality of the selected products, as well as a notion of fair and sustainable trade.

Passion drives us and we take even more pleasure every day to meet the challenge of this major project.