Do you want to earn a little, or even, with a little luck and work, a lot of money?

No worries, thanks to our affiliate and sponsorship program it's easy and it's free!


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What can you gain?

The commission rates (up to 25%) are high in order to make the experience interesting for you, as for us. Indeed, we prefer to reduce our margins in order to give you the opportunity to earn more. We believe that paying you attractively will motivate you to participate and fully invest in order to create your own sales community. It is not complicated to do, but it takes time and above all, motivation. The more you are interested in our products, the more you will increase your chances of success. What better seller than the one who loves and knows his product?!?

You will understand, your success depends only on you!

Overall operation

There are 3 ways to make money with our referral program.

1) You promote our products on your web pages, your social media profiles (Facebook, etc.) thanks to the link that is communicated to you when you register. This link contains your affiliate code which will allow us to know which customers have registered thanks to you and therefore, we will be able to count your commission on each of the sales made. Commissions can range up to 25% of your customers' total orders.

2) You order some of our products at your convenience and make private sales to your home. This system is particularly effective because you have physical contact with your interlocutors, which reinforces their confidence in you. Most of the time, these are people you already know, which further increases your chances of selling. This system is also very effective because it allows you to make your guests feel and taste the products. The quality of our products will do the rest and will end up convincing your guests to take action.

You benefit from 30% commission in this case (instead of 25%). We have added an additional 5% commission to help cover your various set-up costs. In addition, this also gives you access to other advantages such as adding free samples when placing your orders. To do this, you must make a request to switch to "seller" status (free). Please send your request to this email address, simply explaining that you would like to become a reseller for private sale and wait for our validation BEFORE placing your order in order to benefit from your 30% discount. This solution is compatible with the whole affiliate program, no worries!

3) You can also promote our sponsorship system and thus acquire referrals who in turn will try to sell our products. In this case, you can have up to 5 levels of referrals. This is most interesting, because with each sale made by your referrals, you also receive a commission ranging from 2 to 15% of total sales. The rate is lower, but admit that making money by letting others work for you is still super interesting ... and the more you have referrals, the more your chances will be!

Payment of commissions

You can connect to your private area at any time and view the status of your accounts.

The transfer of your commissions to your account can be done either via a Paypal account, a bank account or in the form of coupons in our shop. This transfer is not done automatically, you must use the "Withdrawals" link which is in the "My rewards" tab which is in your private area. The transfer can take a few days depending on the amounts and the means chosen.

For transfers to a bank account or Paypal, an amount of Frs 50.- minimum is required. There is no maximum amount limit, it depends on your balance. You will be asked to provide us with an invoice, an example of which can be found here. This link allows you to create it quickly and without requiring specific knowledge. Open the document on PC or Mac and simply replace all the dots marked in red.

It is your responsibility to report your profits to taxes if you reach an annual amount large enough to be declared. We do not take care of this and decline any responsibility in the event of non-declaration following a high turnover.

According to the official website of the confederation, it says:
"If this ancillary income comes from a self-employed activity, and it does not exceed 2,300 francs per year, contributions are optional."

Sending orders and merchandise

We do our best to shorten the delivery times as well as possible. However, we are dependent on our suppliers, the seasons in some cases and the scarcity of certain products. It may happen that we are unable to supply certain products and have to wait for their replenishment. In this case, if the time is too long, we inform our partners and customers, leaving them the choice to maintain their order or modify it.


We manage any disputes that may arise as a result of a defective merchandise problem, a delivery error or a payment concern on our site. We cannot be held responsible in the event of a dispute between your customers and you, however, if necessary, we can intervene in certain cases in order to resolve the case in good conditions. In the event of a complaint or legal proceeding, the court of justice is located in Nyon (VD). We do not provide any information about our partners or customers, unless an official request from a judge following a proven complaint to the police (a telephone call from the police is not enough).