Our enterprise

Founded in 2017, TropicArt'Traction Sàrl specializes in the import of high quality foodstuffs from fair and sustainable trade.

Our vision is to work with people living in the regions represented and to privilege a relationship of trust and friendship rather than to trade with an anonymous purchasing center. This working method is more complex because we have to find THE trusted person and then train them so that they best represent our interests and impose our quality criteria on local producers.

Unlike most companies aiming for maximum profit at the expense of product quality, we focus on ethics. Indeed, we want products without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We prefer to reduce our margins and bet on more affordable prices both for the basic purchase and for the final sale. Our goal is that the producer is satisfied with the price we pay him and that the end customer is too. To this end, we have reduced the number of intermediaries as much as possible and have opted for a solution managed as much as possible by us.