True cumin (white cumin)

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The seed cumin contains in its heart warm and sweet scents. You can use cumin as whole seeds (in a cake for example), or grind the seeds with a coffee grinder as you go. You will get exceptional perfumes!

This little seed is the star of couscous, tajines, strong cheeses such as munster, raclette, fondue, some charcuteries such as sausages, homemade breads, cakes, oriental cuisines, gazpacho and much more. Ground cumin is part of the curry, and a multitude of other spice blends


If you need ground cumin, we invite you to grind your small seeds with a coffee grinder: you will get a freshly ground powder with incomparable aromas!


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True cumin or white cumin (Cuminum cyminum) and caraway seeds (carum carvi) both belong to the apiaceae (Apiaceae) or umbelliferous family, as do green anise or coriander. These two species of seeds are cousins ​​and differ in their color and smell. True caraway has a yellow-brown color and a slightly lemony odor, while caraway has a black color and an anise odor.

The beneficent abilities of cumin respond almost entirely to the digestive system, starting with its carminative properties. This plant is useful in case of bloating and postprandial weather, as it helps to reduce the formation of intestinal gas. Its action in this respect is similar to that provided by anise and fennel, although a little less effective.

Cumin is also a valuable aid to digestion. Its effects help regulate intestinal transit, stimulate food absorption - by increasing gastric acid production - and encourage a natural increase in appetite. Very useful in case of physical weakness and lack of appetite, cumin can also be used to reduce intestinal spasms and to treat colic, most often in the form of a decoction.

Cumin is considered a powerful aid in weight loss.

A true grandmother's remedy for colds without medication, caraway can help fight the viral infection that frequently affects the body when the immune system is weakened.

Cumin has emmenagogues properties, useful to promote blood circulation in the uterus and facilitate menstruation. A particular interest for new mothers may be its galactogenic action, ie, the ability to increase the production of breast milk.

Arab populations swore that cumin could be used, mixed with honey and pepper, as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Avoid over-dosing cumin in the kitchen as it tends to monopolize the final taste of the dishes.

Finally, for everyone, use cumin sparingly as a natural remedy, as its excessive amount can be toxic to the human body. It is good if in doubt, consult to assess the maximum doses that can be tolerated.

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