About Us

The TropicArt'Traction concept:

TropicArt'Traction is above all a challenge, a dream, a vision of the future. Above all, it's a fabulous adventure that started in 2017, but has been getting ready since 2014 after a trip to the Maldives.

Our enterprise :

We believe in fair and sustainable trade. A business where everyone would come out a winner. The producer is satisfied with the purchase price of his merchandise, the end customer is delighted with his purchase with an attractive price / quality ratio and we at the center are happy to provide unique and accessible products.

Our particularity:

We do not go through central purchasing. We have "indigenous" friends who live in the countries concerned and who are responsible for finding the best producers and artisans. The producers are then grouped into cooperatives, thus guaranteeing quality and sanitary standards.

Our products are packed on the spot and shipped by plane to save time, limit their exposure to conditions that can affect the quality of products and thus preserve their incredible quality.