• Independent craftsmen

    Independent craftsmen

    Products made by various craftsmen (no business name)

  • Independent producers

    Independent producers

    The "small" producers unearthed in the most remote recipes of the world for a unique and incomparable quality.

  • King Coco Water

    King Coco Water

    Studies show that a single serving of king coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, has a better composition of calcium and magnesium than an orange and just the perfect sweetness for it to be the trusted hydrant of Sri Lankan islanders for centuries past.

  • Soul Coffee

    Soul Coffee


    The coffee is roasted by our Master Roasters, who carefully blend the beans to bring out the unique taste of Soul Coffee and also ensure product consistency. After every batch of roasting, the cupping process is carried out in order ensure the taste, smell, colour, body and other key characteristics are consistent across the products. In addition, the distinctive packaging used by Soul Coffee ensures the product quality is maintained, whist being largely bio-degradable material with a lower carbon footprint.

  • Sozo - Fruity nectars

    Sozo - Fruity nectars

    Freshly brewed teas and iced drinks in ready to drink bottles. No extracts, No coloring, No additives. No preservatives,

  • TeaEli


    .Ceylon tea was once famous for its supreme quality and character unique. However, today, real Ceylon tea is hard to find.

    That's why TeaEli was founded. In May 2013, Dushyantha De Silva created TeaEli to bring together the best tea from this legendary Sri Lankan island (Ceylon) to offer.

    The goal for TeaEli is simple:
    Rallying tea lovers all around the world, with a product of the most high quality that is. A sip of good taste at a time.

  • The Fort Merchant - Spices

    The Fort Merchant - Spices

    Spices with 1001 tangy flavors. Give your meals a flavor and impress your friends and family with incredible flavors that will put you in the spotlight.