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.Ceylon tea was once famous for its supreme quality and character unique. However, today, real Ceylon tea is hard to find.

That's why TeaEli was founded. In May 2013, Dushyantha De Silva created TeaEli to bring together the best tea from this legendary Sri Lankan island (Ceylon) to offer.

The goal for TeaEli is simple:
Rallying tea lovers all around the world, with a product of the most high quality that is. A sip of good taste at a time.

Dushyantha De Silva, born in Colombo, was more of a coffee drinker at the start, before starting to take an interest in tea and then make it your vocation.

His passion is to visit the different regions where tea is grown in Sri Lanka and collect unique and rare beverages, in a private collection that he called THE TEA MASTER'S SERIES.

He also strove to make these discoveries accessible to all, by creating a second collection more exotic and fragrant, adding dried fruits, but without flavor enhancers, dyes or preservatives, thus preserving all the purity of his elixir.

Fair and sustainable trade. Artisan teas and fully handled by hand. 100% natural, with incredible delicacy and finesse.

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